The Results Are In...

Just had the email with my exam results...


I'm so happy, and pleased with myself!
I got a Grade 2 pass.

Although I was shaking clicking through the website ;-)

Keeping Your Children Warm this Winter

Keeping Your Children Warm this Winter
A guest post from Galt Toys
While it is proven that we cannot catch a cold from being cold, getting too cold is unpleasant and means our body has to fight harder to keep itself functioning normally, and so we may be more susceptible to catching viruses such as the common cold, flu or something worse. Children have weaker immune systems than adults, and we parents know how important it is to keep them snuggly warm. In this post, Galt Toys offers some great tips for keeping your child this winter!

Out and About
For babies, prams offer a large amount of protection from the elements, but warm layered clothing, blankets and a rain cover are essential for keeping them snug and protecting from cold winds and rain. Snowsuits are fabulous, but keep an eye to make sure your child doesn’t get too warm, and remove or undo it if going indoors.

Toddlers who are finding their feet or who are becoming increasingly confident on their feet should have warm sturdy footwear, or wellies with thick socks to protect their little tootsies. Vests, t-shirts, hoodies, coats and snowsuits are essential (although not all at once) and can be layered accordingly.

Older children need a warm outer coat, and perhaps thermal underwear for the coldest days. All children should also have a hat, as most heat escapes from the top of their head, as well as gloves and a scarf if necessary.

Around the house
While we are all conscious to keep our homes warm, it is important to keep a child’s bedroom warm. Stay away from portable heaters and electric blankets where possible, as these can be dangerous to younger children (although less dangerous to teenagers as long as electric blankets are turned off!).

Instead, add extra sheets or a warmer quilt and lined curtains to keep the heat in that is already there. Warm pyjamas with long legs and sleeves are your best bet, and bed socks may be necessary if you have a child prone to discarding bedding during the night. Babies might benefit from a sleeping bag to prevent them losing their covers and becoming cold.

Attend to other cold problems around the house, such as draughts and cold windows by using excluders or heavy curtains. A door curtain for the front door may be useful in older properties or those without double glazing.

Bedtime routine
If your child is a little older, warm broths, hot meals and hot drinks at bedtime are excellent ways to warm your child from the inside. Look for healthy recipes online for some inspiration. A warm bath before climbing into warm pyjamas will also help them to get all snuggly ready for bed.

A warm child will be healthier, happier, and may even sleep better! Do you have any fab tips on keeping your child warm this winter?