Family Portrait

We got a deal for a photo shoot back in December 2013, and to be honest, I struggled to find the one print I wanted for free, well included in the price. I just didn't like the pictures at all, too staged, cliché, not relaxed enough, all looking away, etc.

I was reluctant to book another, but I wanted a decent picture of me, Daddy, and Kiki. A deal came up for the Model Experience, so I did what most people do these days and Googled them. I found their website engaging and reviews were favourable. I bit the bullet and booked. 

Then I forgot to check the expiry date of the deal, I'm usually really good at reading T&C's too.
I received an 'about to expire' email from the deal company, panicked, and tried to book. In between Daddy working shifts and our impending holiday, we were pushing it to get booked in, but the staff were great and booked our appointment. 

However, a few days before they rang to ask if we could change it as they had some modelling work come in; obviously this is their bread and butter and definitely pays more than I could, so I was happy to rearrange, after they had been kind enough to help me.

Then the night before our second appointment, the photographer texts me a long message apologising profusely, but he's ill and had been putting off calling, hoping he'd be up to it, but he knew he had no chance now. By now it's too late before our holiday, we agree to book in when we get back.

Third time lucky? We booked the third appointment and got to studio, unfortunately they were having a problem with the electrics, but electrician was on site, and they supplied us with coffee whilst we waited. Eventually, all up and running again, and lots of apologises from the team, we went into the studio room. 

Kiki was getting tired and cranky, seriously not up to being photographed. Our photographer waited whilst we cajoled, bribed, and pleaded with her. The photographer constantly suggesting things to work around Kiki and what she was doing. I was getting stressed as I was thinking these photographs are going to be crap!

But you know what, I struggled to get the photo shoot down to 11 pictures! I love them, they capture 'us', the pouty child, me and daddy laughing as she runs away...

  I love these two, especially the right one, she looks so cheeky!

If you would like to book a photographer in Leeds for parties, family shoots, modelling, etc. I can't recommend The Model Experience enough. I am so pleased with our photo's and will be using them again. Check our their website for all their services.

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