Reasons to be Cheerful

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Reasons to be Cheerful
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This week's Reasons to be Cheerful:
  • As I mentioned in Wobbles Wednesday and last week's Reason To Be Cheerful, this new therapy group I've started going to is bringing up some difficult stuff to deal with. I expected it to happen, and thought I could handle it, but last week something that could have been a throw away comment turned into me ruminating and having lots of negative thoughts and suicidal idealation. So why on Earth would I put that as a reason to be cheerful?! Well I'm still here!
    • I received two compliments this week, and instead of feeling foolish and embarrassed, I accepted them with a 'Thank you'. Someone told me my child was the politest little girl they'd met, which I was very happy about. Although she can be a diva, as all toddlers can I suspect, it was nice for someone to acknowledge her manners, not just say the usual how beautiful she is, it meant more to me. The other was someone from my Therapy group, who told me I always looked well put together. I did think to myself well at least she only sees me once a week, but I just thanked her. 
  • I had a free meal this week too! Tweet4aTable is back. It's a pop up style restaurant showcasing food available at Co-op. I only found out the day by accident really, so didn't tweet as they only do 2 or 3 days in each city, and they ask for tweets one day for next. However, they hadn't filled their tables for the day, so they tweeted me to ask if I fancied a table. Went with my best friend & Kiki and had a laugh, the food was really good too, you can see the full menu here.

So that's my week, over to you, what have you been up to?

    Wobbles Wednesday

    I've had a very mixed week. The end of last week and the weekend was full of depression and suicidal ideation. Daddy took Kiki out on Saturday to the farm, they had fun and I got a break. As my home town was hosting Le Grand Depart I laid on the sofa and watched it. I had a million and one things to do, but none of it mattered. I had a day of doing nothing. Exactly what I needed, it really did help.

    I also started meditating daily again. My experiences of mindfulness before starting this new therapy group were fairly negative, but I'm using Andrew Johnson's apps again. I'm learning new skills and ways of being mindful but I still find his guided stuff really helps focus me. I think it's the vocals, I find it difficult to be mindful if it's quiet and I'm doing nothing, so it's helpful to have his voice to return my thoughts and attention to.
    I also accepted two compliments this week, not by my usual embarrassed, fumbling, self depreciating manner, I just said thank you. Progress, I guess.
    Food wise this week has been fairly rubbish. I've tried to make good choices but given how I was feeling that didn't always work. And I drank too much...
    I tell myself next week will be better, but I suspect it won't. 
    I have walked a bit this week, but nothing compared to the exercise I should be getting.
    Over to you, did you have a good week?
    What did you do to look after you mental and physical health?

    Wobbles Wednesday

    2 - 2 1/2 Year Review

    My Little Lady is due her 2 - 2 1/2 year review soon and when I received the letter with the appointment, it also had an Ages & Stages Questionnaire.
    This questionnaire is the 24 month one. 
    It is quite excessive, asking lots of can your child do X, Y, and Z? Can they do it: Yes? No? Sometimes?
    It is from an American book, so it refers to diapers and soda pops.

    I feel that I shouldn't be having to go through these tests with her, she's 2. 
    I do feel a bit 'why am I doing this?' too, I mean they want to know, they can do it.

    Although the sensible part of me knows that it just isn't possible to see every child for long. We haven't seen a Health Visitor is around 18 months.
    So, I'll fill in what I can, however I will not be completing the section that asks me to compare how well she's doing against other toddlers. Firstly, every child is different, and secondly, I don't know enough other kids.