Easter Egg Craft

I don't celebrate Easter, it's just another Bank Holiday, that has no bearing on me, even when I worked in a bank, I still worked it! lol

I decided me and Kiki would do an Easter Egg hunt whilst Daddy was at work.
I bought some polystyrene eggs from Hobbycraft to paint. For those that know me, you can probably imagine my OCD in overdrive at the prospect of the mess!
I covered the table by taping some black bags to it, I think I saw this on Pinterest or a blog I read, sorry cannot remember where.
I had some flower oasis around from another craft project, I cut it to size of a few tubs and using toothpicks stood the eggs up. 
I set out the paints all ready for my little lady to explore.

 Looks like I'm about to perform some 'at home' surgery!

Yes, it was messy, but it was fun, we both enjoyed it.
We let them dry with the intention of going on an Easter Egg hunt in the garden; however due to the rain, we ended up playing in the house with them. We tried to spin them, catch them, roll them, etc. 
Oh and then Kiki tried to eat them!