Happy Yorkshire Day & Thank You Lovely Ladies

It's 1st August, which means only one thing, it's Yorkshire Day! WooHoo!
I'd been thinking about doing some kind of random acts of kindness with Kiki, but hadn't got around to it. This last couple of weeks I've felt really low and suicidal, so whilst trying to pull myself out my horrible all-encompassing mood, I thought we'd give it a go today. 

As it's Yorkshire Day I decided we would hand out some white roses. I had some small gift bags left over from crafting, I wrote a message on card saying 'Happy Yorkshire Day, love Kiki x', to put in the bag. I also added the hashtag #RandomActsOfKindness and my twitter name.

We went into Leeds and bought a big bunch of white roses. I asked the seller not to wrap them and uncut the ties so I could separate them. 

We then separated them out and added the bag and notes.

Handing them out should be easy, right?

Actually no, it was seriously hard work. The amount of people who ignored us, ran away, or dumped them after we left was unbelievable.

We did get some lovely reactions though, which was the point! 
Little Lady had fun too.

Our little random acts of kindness trip, wasn't easy, it was quite stressful, but I'd like to think we made a few people smile. 

Thank you to all those lovely people who did stop and talk to us, especially the great girls (and guy) who made a fuss of Kiki telling her she had made their day.



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  1. Such a shame your thoughtful act was unappreciated by some. What a wonderful idea though to celebrate Yorkshire Day. It's a while since I last did a random act of kindness, thank you for reminding me it's about time I did another.


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