Red Hot World Buffet left me cold

Well actually, more disappointed and disgusted!

I have been to Red Hot World Buffet at the Leeds Light numerous times. I like the option of being able to try different things, as at best I'm indecisive, with the pregnancy even more so.

As an 'all you can eat' buffet style restaurant, it was never going to win a Michelin star. But it is fast, (normally) good food.

On Sunday, we called in for dinner, expecting the usual good for value priced food.

We were seated quite quickly, it wasn't particularly busy. We were asked to vacate the table within an hour and half, not a problem, I didn't predict we'll be there that long.

We were seated and left alone. Normally Red Hot World Buffet Staff will appear to take drinks orders within seconds, but we ended up having to call a Manager over as nobody seemed to be free. We eventually got drinks and started to get dinner.

Fifteen minutes later, I called over one of the four staff stood around the till to request a refill. Order placed. Ten minutes later, another request. Twenty minutes later, a third and final request for the same drink...
Finally ten minutes later it arrived. An apology would have been nice but by that point I REALLY needed a drink!

Shortly after, whilst still eating, the bill arrived. We finished eating, feeling a bit rushed and irritated, and paid.

As I'm sure every woman who has been pregnant or knows someone that has realises if you can make it an hour without rushing to the toilet you are doing amazing! So I called on the way out. The second I opened the outer door to the corridor of the toilets, I was met with an overwhelming stench of urine. Unfortunately this made me feel sick, immediately. By the time I had rushed to the ladies' I was sick, trying to clean it up made it worse but I did, because it's even worse to clean up after someone else.
After quite some time, and possibly the entire content of the meal including the long waited for drink, I cleaned myself up and went to find a member of staff.
I managed to attract a young lady's attention and explained that the toilets, including the corridor, really smelled unpleasant and had made me sick. Her response was 'I'll take a look' and walked away.

After walking upstairs, I tried to speak to the front of house staff, but again, no real interest.

As I said I have visited the place several times as I know what I'm getting and what to expect. But I was really disappointed with the service. I have visited when it has been really busy and really quiet, and the staff usually seem to do a good job in what must be a very unrewarding role.

I was angry at the dismissive attitude of the staff. I actually tweeted RedHot (@RedHotWldBuffet) and received no response.