Make Up Lesson

Those that know me in Real Life know I don't wear make up often. I might wear it for a night out or special occasion. I have been wearing my make up the same for twenty years!

I never really had anyone to show me how to do it properly, and the only time anyone ever did my make up for me was a trail at a department store, where I ended up looking like an eighties’ pop star!
Whilst looking around Beauty Culture’s website, I saw that they had a make up artist, Hayley, on site. I met her during my first appointment and she does make up lessons. I mean she will talk you through exactly how to apply it, using either your own products or hers.

As I was looking for something to do on my birthday, before afternoon Tea at The Queens Hotel, I thought it would be a great it for both my friend and me.

The lessons are two hours long. We both used Hayley’s products, me because I’m useless and forgot (and I don’t have much!) and my friend as she wanted a different look to go with the outfit she has planned for a wedding at the weekend.

Hayley also does Bridal make up, as well as photo shoots and television work, we were in safe hands.

Hayley explained everything step by step, show each of us the process using the other as a model! Everything was so easy to follow, well once we had been shown!

The make up we used was by Arbonne, it was lovely to use and all natural. I ended up placing an order.

After we had both did our make up, we had pictures taken. I was really impressed with the whole thing, all easy, very relaxed, and positive.

I wish I had the lesson years ago!

View Hayley's website here.

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