Top 30 things to do before you are 30

I recently hit the 'Thirty' milestone with some discontentment. I say hit, I actually slammed into it!
I not sure why it upset me so much, I had an inkling it was coming for the last, well thirty years!
I got the usual cheery cards with the 'On this day', 'What was popular in 1979' and 'by now you should have...' quotes and verses, so along with a sudden feeling of overwhelming oldness, I felt  unaccomplished as well.
Having only ticked ten or so of the boxes, it set me thinking about what I had actually done and what I had pledged to do by the time I was a proper grown up. 
I will start with an apology, I still have not managed the grown up part, but here is my top thirty list of things I think every geek (or person, you decide) should fulfil by the time they reach the big 3-0:
  1. Worked out your Geek Code and used it somewhere, blogs, websites, T-shirts, etc. If you have not done it yet or have forgotten, instructions and details 
  2. Started a blog or website, with regular updates, usually from your mobile. Maybe even linked all your social media sites...
  3. Traced your family history and found nothing of interest. Sorry but 'Who do you think you are?' have dumped celebrities for not having interesting enough ancestors. Why should yours be any more exciting?
  4. Got a tattoo. You obviously get extra points if it's your geek code, a computer symbol or a Sci Fi / fantasy character.
  5. Gone to a Sci Fi and / or Comic Convention, only counts if you went in character.
  6. Have scowled and / or scorned your IT support for being incompetent, yes muttering under your breath counts.
  7. Corrected a Sales Advisor on specifications.
  8. Have queued in line for hours for a new release, e.g. game console, game, latest gadget etc.
  9. Have wrote to a games and / or gadget manufacturer to offer advice and improvements.
  10. Have taken something apart to see how it worked, bonus points if you put it back together and it works, even with that extra bit still in your hand!
  11. Built a working robot.
  12. Built at least one computer.
  13. Invented something, even better if you actually physically made it.
  14. Pledged to write a book, must of thought of a title as a minimum though.
  15. Made a home movie with a plot and script, I'm not thinking the bedroom variety!
  16. Developed your own photographs.
  17. Designed and worn your own clothing.
  18. Owned a binary watch and been able to read  it.
  19. Taught someone else to read it.
  20. Learnt an instrument and wrote a minimum of one song.
  21. Formed a band and spent more time deciding a band name than rehearsing, and no Singstar and Lips don't count!
  22. Taught someone over 70 to use technology, grandparents and Facebook don't count.
  23. Learnt another language, extra kudos for Elvish and Klingon.
  24. Held a themed dinner party, for example Star Wars, Bond, Gaming, complete with guests dressed in costume, themed menus, etc.
  25. Completed at least one scary as hell adventure, skydive, bungee jump.
  26. Gone to the cinema alone, and enjoyed it.
  27. Had a Star Wars versus Star Trek argument for longer than five minutes.
  28. Owned a Lightsaber or any collectables from WoW or any games.
  29. Done punctuation and grammar guerilla attacks, (corrected posters, billboards, advertisements with a black marker) or corrected your boss.
  30. Been named in High School Yearbook (or equivalent) as person most likely to work for Microsoft.

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