Everything Or Nothing

It happened so long ago
A day, special
So special, to many
But wonderful to two.
At first, showered,
Showered with love,
Gifts of extravagance
Games of innocence
Journeys of exploration
Everything, new and unique
Nothing, serious and certain
Confetti of doubts
Grains of dreams
A way of life
Diferent, exciting
Presents to show care
Rings to display love
Happiness etched on tha face
Love sheletered in the heart
Long luxorious dreams.
Everything, ends and dies
Nothing, true or lasts
Love kept on building
Vows turned to dust
Now the end is in sight
Discontented with memories
Do not want to be without
Love, feeling, or life.
The future, so far
The end, so near
Everything, to die for
Nothing, to live for.

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