Baby thoughts and names...

My mind is already racing with what I need, how I am going to get and if I really need it.
I had a long discussion about baby names. I decide I want something unusual but not totally out there.

  • Banquo; 
  • Dante; 
  • Pi; 
  • Jorja Graceful; 
  • Summer Dream; 
  • Breeze Violet; 
  • Willow Lavendar; 
  • Tiger Lily Meadow; 
  • Bracken Eagle-eye; 
  • Briar Wolf; 
  • Blossom Lilac; 
  • Yarrow Lionheart; 
  • Dandelion Ray; 
  • Skye Bleu Aroma; 
  • Rainbow Storm; 
  • Star; 
  • Sunshine; 
  • Saffron; 
  • Luca;
  • Lucas;
  • Chief;
  • Archimedes;
  • Galileo;
  • Gianni;
  • Remedy;
  • Rogue Rage.
These are just some of the names that appeared today. Not all names listed even lasted the discussion but some are already favourites.

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