Hexies, Inspiration, and Sewing

Remember on my post about my attempts at baby bib making, I mentioned my stash of Fat Quarters? I managed to use one making two of the bibs and was Googling what else I could do with them, as I knew the bunting was never going to happen.

I discovered Hexies! Or Hexagons if you prefer. They are a basic staple of lots of quilts. I doubt I'd ever have the patience to do it, although I did admit to being totally in awe of those that do. A quilt of Hexies made using outgrown baby clothes does sound quite sweet; but so does selling them to buy next size up, and in the current financial climate, more logical for me.

But I loved the Hexies, I just couldn't stop thinking about them and what I could use them for or make. Honestly blogs are full of quilting p0rn! I found a blog by Angela at My Three Sons and she shows a tutorial for a needle book using Hexies here.
Hmmm a small, maybe manageable task, I wonder...

As I had some of the tattoo inspired print left over, I positioned the Hexie over the print to pick out individual motifs, I think the less challenged sewing linguistics amongst us call it fussy cutting. I'm probably wrong, feel free to let me know! 

I made two needle cases, one for me and one I gave to Nanna with the Baby Shoe Pincushion I made here.