Wobbles Wednesday

I've had a very mixed week. The end of last week and the weekend was full of depression and suicidal ideation. Daddy took Kiki out on Saturday to the farm, they had fun and I got a break. As my home town was hosting Le Grand Depart I laid on the sofa and watched it. I had a million and one things to do, but none of it mattered. I had a day of doing nothing. Exactly what I needed, it really did help.

I also started meditating daily again. My experiences of mindfulness before starting this new therapy group were fairly negative, but I'm using Andrew Johnson's apps again. I'm learning new skills and ways of being mindful but I still find his guided stuff really helps focus me. I think it's the vocals, I find it difficult to be mindful if it's quiet and I'm doing nothing, so it's helpful to have his voice to return my thoughts and attention to.
I also accepted two compliments this week, not by my usual embarrassed, fumbling, self depreciating manner, I just said thank you. Progress, I guess.
Food wise this week has been fairly rubbish. I've tried to make good choices but given how I was feeling that didn't always work. And I drank too much...
I tell myself next week will be better, but I suspect it won't. 
I have walked a bit this week, but nothing compared to the exercise I should be getting.
Over to you, did you have a good week?
What did you do to look after you mental and physical health?

Wobbles Wednesday

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