2 - 2 1/2 Year Review

My Little Lady is due her 2 - 2 1/2 year review soon and when I received the letter with the appointment, it also had an Ages & Stages Questionnaire.
This questionnaire is the 24 month one. 
It is quite excessive, asking lots of can your child do X, Y, and Z? Can they do it: Yes? No? Sometimes?
It is from an American book, so it refers to diapers and soda pops.

I feel that I shouldn't be having to go through these tests with her, she's 2. 
I do feel a bit 'why am I doing this?' too, I mean they want to know, they can do it.

Although the sensible part of me knows that it just isn't possible to see every child for long. We haven't seen a Health Visitor is around 18 months.
So, I'll fill in what I can, however I will not be completing the section that asks me to compare how well she's doing against other toddlers. Firstly, every child is different, and secondly, I don't know enough other kids. 

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