'Once in a lifetime' Olympic experience ~ Part Two

Following on from the drama that was created leading up to this event (see 'Once in a lifetime' Olympic experience ~ Part One), I was feeling sick with nerves and stressed out by the time we set off.

When we arrived in London, I started to think I was in the wrong place. King's Cross Station was really quiet, I mean you could see the other side of the street! It was unnerving. We had planned to walk from the station to the hotel, as we were only staying a couple of days we had everything in one wheeled suitcase. It was about a 3 mile walk, but check in was from 4pm, so we had a few hours. We took a steady walk and stopped to have a rest / drink a couple of times.

We arrived at hotel at 3:45p.m.. Unfortunately, we should have been checked in and ready to leave by 4pm. Cue lots of rushing, things thrown about, baby changed, etc. All doing well to settle my nerves! 

The first stop was a meal at Kensington Place, which was lovely, and they quickly set up a space for a baby change. Off then to Earl's Court. As it was started to rain, a soldier on duty spotted the baby and took us through to a separate queue. Lovely! 
We watched the Men's Volleyball, first game USA V. Tunisia. Tunisia were already out, having lost all their previous matches, and it seemed apparent why. I really struggled to get interested. And it was roasting, but because of my paranoia around my Dermatillomania, I refused to take my cardigan off. 

During the break we wandered around the venue. Then went back for the second game, if I'm honest, waiting for it to be over so we could get back to hotel. Brazil V. Germany was a fiercely contested game, it looked like a different game entirely to the first one!

Tuesday was a meal at Browns Butlers Wharf (again nice meal), then onto the Olympic Park for the athletics. The venue was amazing, again volunteers and armed forces did a fantastic job. 

The highlight of the evening was Robert Harting's Gold medal winning celebration. He stripped off, run over to (I presume) wife, gave her a kiss and hug, jumped barrier to Olympic torch, then on his lap of honour, continued running and jumping the hurdles that were being set up. All very surreal and amusing!

I've never stayed at the Hilton before, but after the lovely welcome, great service, and food at the Hilton Paddington, I'd love to stay again, even if it is out of my price range until I win the lottery! 

My baby won't remember it but she can say she has been. If the Olympics are ever held in the UK again, it won't be in my lifetime. Overall, Cadbury and ITV were indeed correct, this was an 'Once in a lifetime' experience.

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  1. That's lovely. I felt the same with the Paralympics events I went to (and one Olympics one at Wembley), with Jellybean in my tummy. S/he was there, kind of :)


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