Reasons to be Cheerful

I'm late with my reasons to be cheerful this week, sorry!
I'm still having a flat time of it of late. I think I'm beginning to figure out why, but it takes time to a) identify and b) find the strength and motivation to do anything about it.
  1. It was Daddy's birthday on Friday and he said I did well with presents. I love giving presents and seeing people's reactions. Unfortunately when I'm not well and depression is in full force, it's very self destructive. I second guess myself, and end up thinking I'm useless, I've got it so wrong. Being told I got good things, even if I did go overboard is a sense of pride and acknowledgement that I am doing OK. 
  2. We had planned to go out for said birthday, but unfortunately my friend who was babysitting ended up getting flu and feeling rubbish. I'm sure it didn't help that she felt she was letting us down. I told her I would rather she was better, I need her! I did manage to get another friend to babysit, so we could go.  
  3. The friend who had Kiki on Friday let her stay overnight, so I had the whole night off too. It was the first time I've been away from my baby for more than an hour or two. It was hard, but I knew she was being looked after well. 
  4. We finally had our CAF closed too.

I'm struggling this week, so hope everyone else is feeling cheerful! x

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  1. Hope you are feeling a little better today, we all have weeks which are worse than others. You should come and find Groovy Mums over on kate on Thin Ice, there are a number of us who have struggled with things all supporting each other. My boys are 9 and 6 now and I have only just started coming out the otherside, and identity is a big thing. Hope things pick up for you x


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