DWP continues to be useless!

Following from my good news from DWP last week, they have not paid me today. Sometimes, I just despair at the incompetence of a national service.

I called at 08:40, eventually speaking to someone after IVR process.

Apparently, their automated payment service decided I didn't need paying.
Now I have to wait for an all day call back. 

09:21 Call back to say error in system, should be received by lunchtime.

16.19 still no payment. Called to be told 'neither' payment system shows payment. Advised them again had DD's coming out. One if which council tax at best part of £90! No further details, payment not being processed. Passed back to Benefit Centre as urgent. 

00:00 still no signs of payment.

08:45 still no payment, called to be told to wait for another call back.

09:10 callback assuring me would be sent today.

14:37 Finally paid.

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