Ickles Fancies mmmm... Now eaten!

Following on from my post here, unveiling Ickles Fancies' chocolate cheeseburger and fries, I thought I should tell you how it tasted!

I ate the fries first, they are slices of white Belgian chocolate coated in a cinnamon sherbet. They were nice, the cinnamon sherbet was delicious.

I de-constructed the burger, so I could taste each piece individually.

The Bun top was a Belgian white chocolate shell filled with lemon and ginger cheesecake ganache. Oh my goodness, if I just had more of this I would have been very happy!

The Bun bottom  was Belgian almond chocolate filled with fresh raspberries. Although it was lovely, I did prefer the top.

The Burger itself was for me, my least favourite part, although still nice.

The cheese slice was mango flavoured Belgian chocolate. a beautiful delicate flavour, not too faint or overpowering.

The lemon and ginger cheesecake ganache in white Belgian chocolate for the bun top was divine, definitely my favourite part. I could eat this all day long!

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