Helping the Blind (& others)

I want to highlight and help promote this great cause.

Did you know:
  • About 100 people a day lose their sight due to preventable conditions;
  • RNIB do not only provide books for blind and Visually Impaired people;
  • Audio books are helpful to people who find reading tiring, difficult due to concerntration, dyslexic people, and helping children to read.

I am doing a sponsored cycle ride from HMS Victory, Portsmouth to the Liver Building, Liverpool for the blind.
I am trying to raise enough money to add more talking books to their library, as my mother has recently lost her sight and relies heavily on the RNIBs talking book service.

About 100 people a day lose their sight due to preventable conditions; it can happen to anyone, but recently it happened to my mum. She lives alone, so things are difficult for her, but the highlight of her day is listening to talking books supplied by the RNIB, whilst the highlight of her week is visiting Bradbury Fields, a centre for the blind in Liverpool.
I am in the Royal Navy and living in Fareham, HANTS, so I don't get home to Liverpool as much as I would like. I joined the Navy at 17 in 1982 and initially served in the Submarine Service, based at HMS Dolphin, Gosport. I am currently based at HMS Collingwood in Fareham.
I recently took to cycling, as I hate driving to work, and I thought it would be great if I could cycle to Liverpool. Always up for a challenge, I decided I would try and raise money for the RNIB, hoping to sponsor more talking books for their library.
The journey will be tough, involving cycling approximately 300 miles in three days. I am leaving from HMS Victory in Portsmouth on 3 Jul 12, and cycling to the Liver Building in Liverpool, arriving on 5 Jul 12. I will also be taking part in other challenges in order to get myself fit for the main event. This includes completing 1163 miles through a combination or running, rowing, swimming and cycling by June.
I will be delighted if I can raise at least £1000 for the RNIB, as they do great work and without charitable donations and fund raising , the services they provide would not be available to people in need of them. Remember, anyone can lose their sight, but many don’t have to. Donations could help the RNIB carry out vital research, helping to prevent others from losing their sight as well as helping those that have already lost it. 

This is taken from Paul's JustGiving page here.
Please consider making a donation if you can.
I am in no way involved other than as a supporter of the cause.

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