Getting My Groove On!

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I am still trying carve my own piece of grooviness out in the world. What have I being doing to achieve this?

Mind - I am still working on my OU Creative Writing course. I have received marks and feedback for 3 assignments so far, all positive. Irritatingly I still question my where my strengths lie, and to be honest if I have any! The marks should be encouraging but as an expert in self sabotage , I struggle to accept that I am not the student I once was. The days of A grades and encouraging feedback are long gone, now it is about constructive feedback. My tutor summed it by saying he is not their to like or dislike us, but purely to provide criticism that will help us develop. I know I am paraphrasing, but the point remains.

I still have two more assignments and then a final examinable assignment, the last of which is due at the end of the course, two days before bay's estimated delivery date. So I need to push on and get the work finished, so if she does come early I am ready. Not that I think I can halt the delivery to say, 'wait, I need to submit an assignment!'.

I am already looking at the next course. I want to continue to do the next 2 courses in creative writing, but need further points at Level 2 if I want to apply for a BA / BSc Hons Open degree. So I'm currently thinking about my options there. I'm not sure where I want to go, and the work program isn't being as helpful as I hoped. I am now in the process of creating ideas of where I want to go and what I want to do. 

In an ideal world, I would love to be an full time author, but I'm not sure I have enough faith in my abilities. Although I obviously believe I have the ability! Self sabotage again!

Body - I am continuing to have pregnancy massages by the lovely Karen, it's a rewarding treat in a chaotic time. I am also conscious of my weight at the moment too. At my first appointment with a midwife I was told what would go wrong as I was obese. Not what could go wrong, but what would. As it turns out nothing has, I had and passed my glucose tolerance test with flying colours, although as my mother had diabetes, I wasn't so sure I would. I am now in my 29th week and have put on 1/2 kilo since the beginning of my pregnancy, although to be honest, I did lose 3 kilos through morning sickness, which I have put back on. I have struggled with my weight for years, but I like to think I am doing well. I know I have changed shape, not just the bump! But I can wear a dress size smaller in normal clothes and 2 sizes smaller in maternity clothes. I hope to continue once baby gets here.


  1. Keep up the good work Nikki!. As to self-sabotage, part of being an author is learning not to beat yourself up about the work or about getting down to the work - it just prevents any creative writing energies. Writing involves emotion on the page, but can't really have much room off the page for these reasons. We just have to have confidence in our abilities and as you say, maintain a critical eye towards the words themselves.

    Bests, Marc Nash

    1. Thanks for the comment Marc.
      Now if only I could convince myself to have more confidence... :-)


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