What are my Reasons To Be Cheerful today?

I am late in the day posting this, purely because I was too busy studying today, but I am so glad I held off, as I have exciting news to share!

I received an email today from Alex Chisholm, Associate Director (Literary), at West Yorkshire Playhouse who informed me that I had been selected to be in this year’s So You Want To Be A... Writer.
One of last week's Reasons To Be Cheerful, was that I had applied, although I wasn't sure how well I had come across in my letter. Well I now have my answer, and that was good enough! I'm so excited, I cannot wait to receive the letter with the details. I'm sure it's a journey I will be sharing with you.

On Sunday, I celebrated my first Mother's Day (premature I know). I received a card and a lovely necklace from Princess Bump, I was almost in tears, so unexpected and lovely.

Assignments and study. I am almost up to date with studying again, and with the baby due in ten weeks, I need to get a move on with the other assignments, I am feeling positive about two ideas, I am currently working on for the next one, the other maybe used for a later assignment. I am confident that I will get through the next two OK, but the exam is the one I am worrying about! *laughs* But I am feeling positive about the next one (or two) and that's great, right?


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