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I was overweight before pregnancy and although I haven't put on much weight during pregnancy, my breasts have changed.

Gone are the pretty underwired scaffolded support, in to replace them: plain dull ugly no support hammocks.

I was reliably informed by all the pregnancy magazines and websites, that there are lots of fabulous lingerie out there for pregnant / new mums. But guess what? They lie! Well lie maybe a little harsh. But unless you are 'normal' i.e. have a bra (back) size less than 40, you can go swivel.

Of course there are alternatives, I was recently told to try Ample Bosom. I looked at their website. They offer some beautifully crafted lingerie, but it comes at a price. Unfortunately one I can't afford.

I'm more than happy to advertise, review, (flash. Maybe!) for any company out there if they offer attractive bras for larger ladies, not large breasted, at a price they can afford.

I don't even want to think of the money I have spent over the years on bras, and will continue to do for the next X years. I, along with lots of ladies, like to wear nice underwear. Having good fitting supportive underwear can alter you body shape, your stance, and your attitude.

I am pleased to say that there is now a variety of companies that go past a DD cup, including several high street stores.

Oh and as a separate issue, must all pregnancy / nursing bras be so high at the front?

If you work for, or know of a company that offers bras beyond a 40, please let me know. Soon!

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  1. Just wanted to say that I have managed to find some (one particular style only) at Mothercare. They offer up to a 44 back.


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