I'm sorry that I haven't had time to blog recently.

I have a lot on at the moment, but I'm remembering to enjoy the rainbows whilst working towards my pot of gold.

Unfortunately, I had to visit the LGI last Friday evening due to having reduced movements, all was fine but as it was my second episode of reduced fetal movement I was booked in for a scan. On Monday, I had the scan, the baby and amniotic fluid were measured. Again all was as should be, but the sonographers need to see the baby move twice during the scan. 
And she just refused, lazy bugger (mummy's girl). 
I ended up stood up, jiggling my stomach and telling her to move. I'm sure it would have looked rather strange to anyone watching. She did as was told. Eventually!

So although I have an OU assignment and an OU EMA (which is worth 50% of my course) that are both due before my daughter. Plus a couple of WIPs that I want to finish for various reasons; financial and exposure mainly, I'm not stressing.

I was also lucky enough to get a place on the So You Want To Be A... Writer at the West Yorkshire Playhouse. An amazing opportunity, I hope to make the best of. The showcase of this is the day before my baby's due date.

I am in the final six weeks of my pregnancy now and am lucky that I'm not at the 'I just want it all to be over' stage. Obviously, I'm looking forward to her arrival, but I'm really hoping that she follows my time keeping and makes a late appearance.

She is due on Saturday 2nd June, which is Jubilee Weekend, also England face Belgium at Wembley that day for the last Friendly before the Euro 2012 starts days later.

Hospital appointments, antenatal groups, final baby checklists, and life are taking up the rest of my time. I promise I haven't neglected you, well I have, but hopefully not for much longer.


  1. I know exactly how you feel with time at the moment.

    Mrs W x

    1. Hi Mrs W,
      Thanks for your comment, especially as you are so busy too.
      I think I now have all I actually need ready for the little one's arrival, barring a couple of nursing bras. Cot is up, hospital bag packed, clothes washed and hung in wardrobe, etc.
      I have been very lucky health wise during pregnancy, so hoping we continue the same way.
      It's all getting close now.
      Good luck with the rest of your pregnancy.
      Nikki x


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