eBay Birthday Bargains

I have used eBay for lots of things, especially whilst pregnant and since for baby related things. I mean some things are ridiculously expensive and only used for such a short time. 

For example, when I was pregnant I bought a load of second hand muslins dirty cheap, OK so they weren't white anymore, but a boil wash and a packet of Flamingo pink machine dye and I had cheap funky muslins. We have had lots of compliments on them too!

I have bought and sold quite a lot of clothes too.

So I often have a look on baby related items, just in case. I wanted a parent handled trike for Little Lady's birthday, I really liked the Smart Trike but it was too expensive for us. I looked on eBay and managed to get a Hello Kitty Trike, a toddler slide, and a bundle of Fisher Price, Toys R' Us, etc. toys from the same buyer for £19! 

What a bargain!

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