Dino Jaws Dinosaur Exhibition

On Friday, I went to the Dino Jaws exhibition with Daddy and Little Lady.
I haven't been to a museum or exhibition in some time, although it's something I used to enjoy. I can think of a dear friend of mine, who when they knew I was having a bad day would take me somewhere like this to learn or discover something new.

Dino Jaws is an exhibition of Dinosaurs at New Dock Hall in Leeds, which has been created by the  Natural History Museum, featuring life-like animatronic dinosaurs, including a 3/4 sized replica of a T.rex!  

As well as showing the dinosaurs, there is information relating to each one, about their diets, environments, and structures. 


The exhibition also includes some hands on experiences too, for example we fossil hunted, touched the contents of a fossilised dinosaur stomach, and felt some dinosaur poop!

Although the website advises: 
The exhibition is aimed at school groups and families with children aged seven and older, with some activities aimed at children aged four to six.
Little Lady enjoyed it, apart from the T.rex, his roar vibrates the floor, but once she was lifted off it she was roaring along.  There were quite a few smaller children there who seemed to be happy.


A great family day out.

Online - In Advance 
Adult / Child Admission - £5.95
Child aged 3 and under - £0
Family of 4 admission - £22.00

On the day
Adult / Child Admission - £6.95
Child aged 3 and under - £0
Family of 4 admission - £25.00

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