Wobbles Wednesday

As usual, for Wobbles Wednesday, I'm not on time. One day I will surprise you and post on a Wednesday! Well, maybe...

This week I haven't done much to improve either my mental or physical health, I've thought about it and tried a little.

Plus points, I'm thinking of re-joining Fat Club or maybe trying Lighter Life, if my budget stretches that far. Actually, think they'd give me a few months free to blog?!

Will blog for weight loss?

Seem reasonable to me ;)

I've also been looking to see if there's any gyms with crèche's close by, there isn't. But I did download the Couch to 10K app and have looked at it, it seems doable, so that's next week's goal to try.

I have tried to get out for a walk on the day's I've been up to it, every little helps as Mr T would say.

I'm trying to be a bit better about eating, but it's all very emotionally linked for me, so is difficult. Plus it is nearly the end of the month which means eating whatever is in.

I'm very concious about what I give my daughter though. She eats well most of the time, with plenty of fruit and vegetables. I was stressed whilst we were on holiday that she didn't eat much and what she did was crap, so much so my friend actually said 'you're acting like you feed her crack cocaine!'. Apparently, I am that bad! Oops.

Wobbles Wednesday

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