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I set up my eBay account some time ago to sell some of the items that were cluttering up my house, but I ended using it as a buyer more, especially for baby items. 

Last week I set about starting to do something about the ever growing collection of unwanted things in my house and decided that after my last couple of Freegle / Freecycle attempts to get rid of things I would turn to eBay again. I have bags and boxes of items all over the house and to be honest, it is really start to stress me out. Besides babies need lots of room!

As it has been a while since I sold anything, granted not much of it is valuable (not financially at least), so I decided to search the Internet for help and there is lots of it!

I have been a fan of MoneySavingExpert.com for some time so I first checked there. There is a page on the main site by Martin Lewis, but also some forums if you need a quick answer.

Main points for me:
  • No.2 - Not used it for a year? Sell it.
  •  No. 4 - There is a 'Things You Never Thought You Could Sell' forum I recommend reading. You will be surprised. Don't bin that item just yet, sell not recycle.
  •  No. 7 - This is a great idea. Searching completed listings you can get an idea what the item usually fetches and prices accordingly. Although don't start prices too high, most people will bid on something lower, even if the price goes higher. Same with reserves, as it's only known to the buyer, bidders wont know if they are even close so will bid on something without one.
  • No. 9 - Title. I have been guilty in past a using 'stunning', 'lovely', 'cute', etc. but this makes so much more sense.
  • No. 11 - Describe exactly!
  • No. 14 - Timing isn't something I really gave much thought to. If you list on a Thursday for 10 days, you will get two lots of weekend bidders and finish on Sunday night, apparently eBay's peak time for buyers.
  • No. 22 - Upload extra pictures for free. Why did I never know this before? Simple, easy, and free.
Also learn eBay language. The acronyms are a bit of a minefield to the uninitiated. There is a list here.

Ebay, Auctions, Car Boot, and Jumble Sale Forum

Do leave me a comment with any others you have learned. I need the help :-

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