Kiki has being showing all the signs of weaning, so we have started to introduce food. 
 She never seems full and satisfied after a feed, even on hungry baby milk or BL BF. Is irritable and constantly chews her hands and anything else she can grab. Sleep is becoming erratic, both day and night (which she usually slept through). She watches everyone eating and tries to grab food. 

Up until recently I didn't even really know what weaning was, let alone the difference between traditional and baby led weaning (BLW). After hours of reading articles, reports, blogs, forums, etc. I decided that traditional weaning was the way forward. I guess through my unnatural worry my baby will choke. I say unnatural as I know enough to know that is unlikely even with BLW. 

We have decided to follow the Cow & Gate five step weaning plan and Kiki is loving her first tastes. Well mainly!

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