Celebrating the small things

As I mentioned in my last Reasons to be cheerful post, I've been feeling a bit flat.
After a rubbishy weekend for a couple of reasons, including the one that's making my head want to EXPLODE right now, I am trying to accept and celebrate the small wins.

On Friday morning, me & Kiki had a CAF meeting with various people including my Health Visitor, my CPN and as couple of Outreach workers who are involved with us.

A CAF (Common Assessment Framework) is about supporting children / families with additional needs. For more detailed information, please view the web link here.

My Health Visitor initially discussed with and the staff when I was an inpatient at The Mount. It was to provide us with additional help, should the need arrive.

Unfortunately there wasn't much help around at the beginning, not because of a lack of support, purely because everything seems to shut down for the summer holidays!

Anyway, at the meeting it was agreed both myself & Kiki were doing OK, so the CAF has now been closed.

Only a little win, but a victory for us none the less.

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