Baby Bibs

My little one has been teething for what feels like months now. She is constantly trying to put thing in her mouth to bite on, see previous post about MAM teethers for smaller babies. As well as this, she is a seriously drooly baby! I not overly concerned, I wipe her face often & have cream to add if any redness appears but as any parent knows, drooly baby = soaking wet tops, several changes a day. As if babies don't need changing often enough!

I have been looking at bibs I could leave on, but the either look like she's about to eat or are expensive. I mean seriously £5 for a bib? So I turned to the Internet. I looked for patterns for the bandanna style bibs. The first one I tried was shaped, supposedly to look like it was draped, but I didn't like it.

My next attempt was to use some of the FQ's (fat quarters) of material I bought for making bunting for the nursery, which to be honest I had no chance of making whilst ill and suffering from serious case of CBA syndrome.

I cut the material (2 different fabrics, 1 of the tattoo inspired one and 1 of the Jolly Roger one) in to 14" inch squares and the in half diagonally.

I picked up a plain white bath towel in a charity shop to use a backing, hoping it will hold a large puddle. I cut two 14" squares and again cut diagonally.

With the right side of the material facing each other, wrong side up, I machine sewed a seam approximately 1/4 inch in all around, barring a small gap in one of the straights. Not the corner, made that mistake with first prototype, very difficult to turn right way.

Turn material right way out, poking corners out with scissors, knitting needle, etc. 

Sew again on right side (if wanted).

Sew Velcro tabs to either side of points.
I should point out that I made a small error here, I actually picked up the wrong velco, I bought self adhesive stuff. As it wasn't strong enough to remain in place, I atempted to stitch edges. It ruins needles quickly and clogs machine. 
Don't do it! 

And viola. One cute dribble bib.

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  1. Oooh, really nice bib. I would love to make one of those for my baby too if I am skillful at all at using a sewing machine! Homemade stuff are great because they are one piece and unique!

    First time mum

    1. Ha! I'm def not skillful. The edges needed trimming before I turned right way. But relitively straightforward.
      Good luck and if you mess up, you can always unpick it and start again, no one need know.


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