Photo Image Transfer Canvas Mod Podge Craft

Following on from my post, Photo Canvas Mod Podge Craft, I looked at other Pinterest pins to see about getting a better, more realistic photo canvas effect, instead of just using proper photographs.
I learnt about image transfer from copies. There are lots of pins and blogs on photo image transfer canvas Mod Podge crafts.
This is the method I used to transfer the photograph.
  • I chose the picture I wanted to use
  • opened it with Photoshop
  • Resized image to 7cm x 7cm. Image > Image Size > change width & height to 7cm. I need to untick constrain proportions.
  • I then flipped the photograph so it was a mirror image. In Photoshop, Image > Rotate Canvas > Flip Canvas Horizontal.
  • On some pictures I increased colour / saturation too.
  • I printed the photograph using my home inkjet print.
  • I cut the photograph out.
  •  Next I applied a layer of Mod Podge to the canvas, I think this can be done either way round on to canvas or to photograph.
  • I then laid the image of the canvas, ink side down.
There are two options now.
  1. Leave to set for 5 minutes or so and carefully peel off the paper whilst Mod Podge wet.
  2. Leave to dry overnight.
  • I preferred the result from leaving over night, ink seems to soak in more.
  •  Next, get a small dish / tub of water and wet the canvas. The image will start to show through the back of the photograph again.
  • Gently, rub the paper off. Wear gloves if possible, otherwise expect an ink stained finger!

  • Keep going, it takes patience at this point, but carefully! This one I was a bit heavy handed on!
  • I broke all the rules of the Pinterest pins next, I rinsed the canvas under a slowly running tap. Most posts stay that coating in another couple of layers of Mod Podge will deal with the bits of paper left. But hey, I'm a craft rebel!
  • I left to dry for several hours, before coating with a couple of layers of Mod Podge.
My next couple of attempts were a lot better, but it's still a bit hit and miss, due to my heavy-handedness. 
Some have been good enough to give as presents, some went straight in the bin! ha!

I bought my canvases from Poundland.

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