How To Be A Groovy Mum

Kate @ Kate on Thin Ice started a new blog hop / group support for helping mums get their groove back. She aptly titled it Groovy Mums, you can find out more here

Kate asked:

Have you ever felt one or more of the following …
1. You lack time to do your own thing
2. You have forgotten what you like
3. You can’t quite remember who you are
4. You feel frumpy, fat and/or old
5. You feel you never put yourself first
6. Your energy and joie de vivre has gone
7. You are not sure what the future holds
8. You feel powerless
9. You feel isolated
10. You sense something is missing

I felt most of these things when I established the #groovingmums blog hop and Twitter support group.

I have been reading the blogs with interest. Some are funny, some are poignant,  all are written with honesty. 

When Kate started the blog hop I had not long since found out I was pregnant with my first baby. I was not sure whether I could add anything relevant. Besides as a newly pregnant woman, did I count as mum? Or did I need to physically have a baby?

I have decided that Yes, I am worthy, I do count, so have signed up and look forward to sharing new blog posts with you all. 



  1. Of course you count and I for one am delighted to have you on board. If nothing else, the rest of us groovy mums might serve as a terrible warning lol. Look forward to getting to know you better via Groovy Mums

  2. Hi Kate,
    Thank you for your comments. It is interesting when other people think you become a 'Mum'.
    I'm sure you all will serve as a reminder, not warning, about getting my grovve and keeping it *smiles*.


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