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As part of my groovy mum post recently, I mentioned that I had my first pregnancy massage from Karen at The Green Room and that I was meaning to book another. Well I did and I enjoyed it as much as my first. And even booked a couple more.

Before becoming pregnant, the only massages I had ever had were sports massages. I had never had a relaxing pampering massage. As my pregnancy progressed and I suffered horrible morning sickness and every other possible side effect / symptom of pregnancy, I started to look into massage.

I did not really think about needing someone who specialised or was trained in pregnancy massage, I mean surely massage was massage, whether pregnant or not?

Apparently not! I asked on Twitter for advice and recommendations as the original therapist did not feel happy to proceed with my appointment once I told her I was pregnant. 

Through Twitter, I was introduced to Karen from The Green Room. 

This is taken directly from The Green Room website:
Massage during pregnancy can be beneficial for both mother and baby. It can help the mother to relax and focus on the positive aspects of pregnancy, and can help to build the bond with the baby. You can have massages throughout the entire pregnancy, I will adapt to the physical changes in your body to make the massage the most beneficial it can be.
During a session we can also work on breathing & relaxation techniques, and exercises to support the physical changes, and even help to encourage optimal fetal positioning. It can be a good idea to involve the partner during the latter stages of the pregnancy so they can use some of the techniques to help the mother in the pregnancy and labour.

At my first appointment she went through all my medical health history, pregnancy and general, physical and mental health. I thought she was very thorough and did not feel like she was asking anything too personal or irrelevant. She has a warm personality and made me feel comfortable and relaxed.

After my massage, I was so relaxed, mind, body, and soul. I could have stayed curled up on the bed for the rest of the day. However, I had to negotiate public transport! (I learnt my lesson and booked a lift this time).

Again, at my second appointment, Karen welcomed me, checked if there had been any changes with me or baby, made me comfortable and worked her magic. 

This time, before I left, I made the next couple of appointments.

Book yourself in (or book for someone else, great present!) for some pampering today,
You deserve it.

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Feel free to let her know how you found her. 

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