Stress, stress, and progress

On Friday I started with painful stomach cramps, not knowing what is and isn't normal in pregnancy as this is my first baby, I used the NHS Direct website symptom checker. Having completed the options, I was presented with a recommendations page. Nothing to worry about, but someone will call you within the hour.
Within minutes, I received a call from a nurse. She went through my details, symptoms, etc. again. After the phone assessment, she advised me to call my midwife or the delivery suite at the hospital where I am planning to give birth. 
At 16:50 on a Friday I didn't hold out much hope of getting in touch with my midwife team, but they answered and talked me through what I was feeling.
The midwife said it was possible it was Braxton Hicks although a little early, or it was ligament pain from where the baby had moved to. Basically either way, take some paracetamol, rest, maybe add a bit of heat with a hot water bottle if needed. 
I had been rushing around and the cramps were only lasting a minute or two at the most, but they were around every five minutes. Once I actually sat down, it started to calm down. I think knowing from the midwife that it was normal, made me relax. 
It's times like this I wish I had family / friends close by.

Today I had an appointment with the JobCentre for Work Related activity re ESA. The personal adviser I spoke to was a lovely lady, she gave me lots of details, etc. but did inform me that company may not take me on to the program as I am pregnant. They usually don't take people who are within 11 weeks of of their due date or with a child under 5, so I now have to wait.

As I mentioned in my What am I doing to get my groove back? Or just get one? blog post, I have started:
  • to gather various quote on to a page aptly titled Quotes
  • used the sewing machine and cretaed a couple of baby related items.
  • started to collect my library of note books with various scribblings in, to make a current portfolio of work in a degree of drafts.
  • I have started my next TMA (Tutor Marked Assignment) for OU (Open University) course.
  • I have registered my interest (or rather intent to start) the next module of my degree. Of course, that largely depends on my ability to finish this one adequately!


  1. Thanks for joining my blog Nikki! Sounds as if you followed all the instructions to find out about your cramps....often if the baby settles in a position on a nerve or something you may get cramps but when you sit down and rest he/she gets a rush of oxygenated blood and moves around. This used to annoy me at bedtime! DD is expecting GS2 on the 9th March...when are you due? Glad to hear you're carrying on with your OU degree. I took seven years to complete mine! I had already done three years at teacher training college to gain my teacher's certificate but decided to go for a degree...glad I did because they're all degrees now! Anyway, I'll stop wittering on now and go to bed...night!!

  2. PS. Just seen your embryo pic...106 days to go!!!!

  3. Hi Irene,
    Thanks for stopping by.
    I trained as a primary school teacher, but hated it from day one, too much paperwork and 'coaching' children to remember and pass SAT tests.
    GS2 nearly here, not long to wait. I'm at that stage where I'm starting to feel I have been pregnant forever :-)
    It will all be worth it and over soon enough.


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