Pregnancy and Chickenpox

I am due to go visit my brother and family next week, and knowing that I am pregnant, they rang to let me know that one of their (three) children has chickenpox. They had been to the Dr's, who said it was only a mild case, but the contagious period could be anywhere from 7-21 days.

Now, as this is my first baby, I have no idea if chicken pox and pregnancy are dangerous, potentially lethal or just a nuisance.

I also visited my usual pregnancy / mums websites for advice. They all seem to indicate that as I have had them, I should be OK. The general consensus seemed to be that if I caught them, it is just the chickenpox, nothing dangerous, or worrying, but if I was closer to my due date and caught them I could pass them on to my newborn.

I rang my midwife team for advice. Eventually I got a call back that didn't help!
The midwife asked if I needed to go, I said I didn't need to go but wanted to. She said they wouldn't recommend it. But did say if it was my child that had them I would just have to get on with it!

So by now I'm confused. I obviously don't want to put my baby at risk, but she said that at worst, I would get chickenpox. Well that I guessed.

She helpfully suggested that she asks for my bloods to be tested for anti-bodies to it, as they keep bloods from booking in appointments. I agreed, so now have to wait until Monday for the results.

You know, sometimes, when you feel worse for having a conversation..?

Btw, if you every need to search chickenpox during pregnancy, make sure google is not set to pictures :-(


  1. Our wee girl has just been diagnosed with Chickenpox - we are keeping her well away from public areas such as shops and cafes so that there is no chance of her passing the virus onto anyone - especially expectant mums. We feel it is best to err on the side of caution - and it at least gives us time to play and have fun in the house. All the best - al

    1. Hi Al,
      Thanks for your message.
      I hope your little one is recovering well and not suffering too much. I remember having them as a kid, it was awful.
      I think your decision to keep her home is sensible. Besides as you say, extra play time :-)

  2. Is there a possibility that the child inside the womb can get the virus if the mother have a Chicken Pox?

    What are the possible risk that the child may get?

    1. Hi Stefan,
      I was told by the midwife that there is a risk to baby in the first trimester, I believe the virus may cause (unknown) damage to fetus.
      For the remainder of the pregnancy there is no increased risk to baby, but mother can be very ill. When the booking in bloods are taken, or any point after, pregnant ladies are able to find out if they are immune to chicken pox.
      If a pregnant lady has chicken pox whilst in labour, it can be passed to newborn. As with all virus it can be dangerous for the newborn as they don't have the necessary antibodies to fight it.


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