Reasons to Be Cheerful

As always I am late with this week's Reasons to Be Cheerful. I am actually late for everything, and it's not just because of Little Lady. We now have to try and pretend we need to be there an hour earlier to try and make it on time! 

Ebay tweeted this clock this week and I thought it was just so me!

For more information on what Reasons to Be Cheerful (#R2BC) is all about please check out this post from Michelle at Mummy from the Heart for a full description.

This week's Reasons to Be Cheerful:
  1. My anniversary - although we didn't go out or do anything special, I did get a lovely card and flowers from my great friends.
  2. Carboots and charity shops - On Bank Holiday Monday we went to a car boot at Swillington, we have never been there before, and afterwards we went in to Castleford and had a lazy stroll around the charity shops, picking up lots of bits of clothes for Kiki.
  3. BBQ - My amazing friends came round on Monday evening for a BBQ, great friends & good times.
  4. Health - I started to attend Slimming World last week (again) and I have tried to do a bit of Biggest Loser on Wii Fit everyday, I know it's not always going to be possible for me, but for now, I'm trying. As a reward for feeling like I was dying, I lost 5lbs. I know the first week is when you tend to lose the most though.
  5. Plus North - I have been lucky enough to win tickets to Plus North, The North's Premier Plus Size Fashion Event. My best friend is coming and we are going to make a weekend of it, hope I'm up to it. 
  6. Simply Be - I need something to wear to Plus North and Simply Be have offered me an outfit from their collection. So excited. 
  7. Childcare - I have made the decision to look in to childcare properly. We rely on two people at the moment, but I don't like to feel like I am taking advantage, but as I am really struggling with my depression, I need more help. 
  8. I have finally started on my toddler (sit on) sized elephant toys for Little Lady. I cut the pattern yesterday. I must warn you, if you ever decide to craft with fake fur, it gets everywhere! I am using a short bright pink, and it looked like Animal from the Muppets had been slaughtered in my bedroom!

by Saphiraa.

How has you week been? Good I hope.


  1. Happy anniversary! And well done on losing five pounds! Great reasons to be cheerful. Good luck with organising your childcare options x

  2. Loads of reasons to be cheerful! Have fun at Plus North, what a special opportunity.

  3. Sounds like a really positive week, I love going car booting but have not done so for ages, I must! Well done on the weight loss and winning the tickets - enjoy! Mich x


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