Sensory Play Bottle Craft

I've posted before about sensory play ideas, and about how much Pinterest has given me ideas.
I have made the bags from sandwich / freezer bags, gaffer taping the edges, but as Little Lady still likes to try and put things in her mouth, I was looking for a more resilient way.

Bottles! Yes, small pop bottles in my case. They are more solid, can be stood up, rolled, etc. And more importantly the lids can be glued on securely. I bought Asda's Cherryade in small 250ml bottles, as I thought chunky enough to hold, but small enough to pick up easily full.

I bought a selection of sequins at the Pound shop and some hair gel.
Two bottles, just have coloured sequins, homemade maracas!


One was filled with blue hair gel and beads, I ended up tipping some of the gel (and subsequently beads) as the gel was too thick, I added some water to get a bit of movement in the beads.

Three had a mixture of multicoloured beads and water. The blue has a drop of blue food dye.

The last two just have 2 colours of glitter mixed into the water.

Finally, I glued the screw tops on to the bottles.

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