Blogging Every Day in August: Greatest achievement (Day 1)

Sarah at Yummy Mummy In Training has set herself a challenge of blogging every day in August and has listed her prompts. As my blogging is a bit hit and miss at the moment, I will be using her prompts to generate some ideas too.

Today's prompt is: Greatest achievement

My first thought is (obviously) Little Lady.
She has made me a different person. She has changed my life, turned my world upside down, and shown me pain and pride I never would have experienced.

I'm sure anyone with children would agree that you would do anything for your child, especially when they are in pain and you would willingly take all the pain in the world, if it would just make them better. 

But the opposite end of that is the pride you feel at their 'firsts'. I love watching Kiki's face when she discovers something new.

I was bursting with pride when she pulled herself up to standing for the first time.

She is a beautiful, happy child and I know that is to do with me (and daddy) and how we raise her.

In my own personal life, I've overcome some struggles, although depression and related problems are still a massive influence on my life, and am getting stronger every day. It's still an uphill struggle, but I am trying to keep going!

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