As I mentioned in my Reasons to be Cheerful post this week, we had two weddings this week, one on Friday and one on Saturday.

This meant dressing up for us all.
Little Lady received half a wardrobe full of clothes for her birthday, so she was easy to sort!

Friday's Outfit

Saturday's Outfit

On the other hand, I had to dress up too. No hiding in jeans and a t-shirt :(
But I did buy a couple of dresses a few weeks ago, just because.

Friday's Outfit 
 (I'm stood in a very odd pose, I know!)

Saturday's Outfit 
This is the dress!

Both of my dresses were from Evans Plus Size Clothing.

Although we had a fantastic time and both Brides looked amazing, we (or more specifically I) needed some home time today. I'm glad I went, but knew I'd pay for it later.

For the wedding gifts, we bought some shabby chic wooden signs that said Happy Ever After.
I thought they were lovely and hopefully the happy couples agree.

We wish both couples a happy and wonderful life together and feel very privileged that they invited us to share their wedding days with us.


  1. I love that photo of your little lady in Fridays dress - so cute and a gorgeous dress xxx

    1. Thank you. She has been bought some gorgeous clothes.


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